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Are YOU a busy parent that needs an extra hand cleaning the house?

J&R Cleaning comes in handy for many people in a variety of situations. If you are a parent that has a full agenda and would love for your house to be spotless, but can't quite find the time to get-it-done. J&R Cleaners are here for you! Does this sound like your weekly situation? Is so, you are not alone!

Do you often tell yourself that you can’t seem to find enough time in your day? Allow me to take a quick guess of how your week typically goes...

First, you must wake up at the crack of dawn to prepare your children for the day. Brush their teeth, get them dressed, and prepare breakfast and Lunch for them. Once that has been completed… You need to get yourself organized to leave for work, flying out the door with your coffee mug (you can’t miss the school-bus).

Apparently, tidying things up is not a top priority on your morning agenda. After work, you rush to pick the children up from school, come home, prepare dinner, assist with homework, bath-time, bedtime story and off to bed they go! Yes, you think to yourself. The day is finally over, and you are EXHAUSTED! After washing the dishes and tidying up a bit, sweeping, mopping, dusting, washing clothes, cleaning the windows, cleaning the bathrooms etc. are the last things on tonight’s menu. You think to yourself, “I’ll take care of it this weekend.” The weekend finally arrives, but you want to enjoy the great weather with the children.

This is when J&R Cleaning comes in and gets the job done! By the time you are ready to leave for the day, the house is spotless, and your clothes are clean… Now you’re able to host that dinner party you’ve been thinking about the past couple months. All thanks to J&R Cleaning Services. Call 570.234.5650 TODAY and sign-up for a weekly routine clean!

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