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5 Quick Tips On How to Prepare Your Home For A Professional Painter

Did you recently hire a professional painter? J&R Painting and Cleaning will give you 5 quick tips on how to prepare your home for a professional painter.

1. Before you do anything else... Please remove all picture frames, mirrors and decorations from the walls that will be painted. Store all these items in a safe location.

2. If possible, remove all furniture from the room that will be painted. If this is not possible, please move the furniture to the center of the room. Your assigned J&R Painter will bring protective sheets to complete the scheduled job. Please be sure to inform your painter to bring extra sheets for your furniture 24-hours before your scheduled appointment to ensure an adequate amount is on hand.

3. Wall prepping is a service that is provided by J&R Painting, but if you are prepping the walls yourself… Please be sure to finish the day prior to the arrival of your J&R Painter. We would like to begin the job as scheduled. (Quick Tip: UGS All Purpose Compound is perfect for making simple repairs to your walls in a short period of time. This material sands easy and dries quickly.)

4. Whether you have wood floors, tiles, or carpeting… Quickly sweep and mop or vacuum to prevent any dust particles later blowing onto your new paint-job before it dries.

5. Removing blinds and curtains prior to our arrival will eliminate the chance of them being ruined by paint splatter. It also provides you a great time to clean them.

*If you need a hand to complete the preparation, please ask us about our painting and cleaning bundle. Call us today for a FREE estimate 570.234.5650!


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